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About Project Reports

JMJ Financial Services

We also prepare Project Reports, CMA Reports, with various analysis, Ratios, Projections, as per the Loan requirement.

Project Reports

Project report, along with other financial data, is required by bank for a New Venture or major expansion / diversification of the existing unit. We prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) comprising of

1. Introduction of the firm.
2. Project viability.
3. Manufacturing process.
4. Man power requirement.
5. Requirement of plant and machinery and cost thereof.
6. Costing of the product.
7. Requirement of land and building and construction cost.
8. Capital investment.
9. Term Loan and Working Capital requirement.
10. Profitability analysis.
11. Wages and salary structure.
12. 5 years of profitability analysis.
13. Depreciation chart for 5 years.
14. Term loan schedule.
15. CMA report with Ratio Analysis.
16. Profit and Loss Account & balance sheet, as per banks requirements.
17. Any other data/report depending upon the nature of the project.

Documents required - (We will inform you upon hearing)

CMA Data, Ratios & Analysis

Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) as per the RBI guidelines are required for Project Loans, Term Loan and Working Capital Limit. The bank very much relay on this report and they very minutely check these data. A special skill is required for preparation of CMA reports. Various Ratios are to be matched as per the bank norms.
After many months of hard working we have developed a special CMA program, which is very comprehensive and contain all information, analysis and ratios as per banks’ norms. Our CMA is more informative and comprehensive , than the CMA available in the market.

Our CMA contains

• Profitability
• Balance Sheet Analysis.
• Current Assets and Liabilities analysis
• Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF), through different methods of calculations, like Nayak Committee Norms, Tandon Committee Norms, First     method of lending, Second Method of Lending
• Cash Flow
• Fund Flow.
• Fixed Asset Coverage Ratio
• Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
• Break-even analysis
• Stress Testing of the Unit
• Stress Tested DSCR
• Sensitivity Test
• Profitability Analysis
• Cost Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Stock Analysis
• Activity Analysis
• Profile Analysis
• Growth Analysis
• Movement of Total Net Worth
• Various other analysis and Ratios

Documents required - (We will inform you upon hearing)

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